Talk About A Warm-up, Then The Storms!

This being Texas, you just know that the statewide display of fair skies and chilly morning temperatures will not last. What may surprise you is that the word “hot” may reappear, albeit briefly, along with the threat of strong thunderstorms next week.

With the current upper trough lifting out (and likely spawning a storm on the East Coast this weekend, we will lose the display of 30s and 40s during the mornings on Thursday and Friday. The sky across the state should remain mostly fair as a ridge takes shape over the Gulf of Mexico. But look further south on the satellite imagery, and you can see the start of future trouble.

There are two disturbances below Mexico and Central America, both of which may become tropical storms or hurricanes. after wandering west-northwest, moisture and energy form these impulses will get pulled into an advancing trough with much colder air crossing the western U.S. The combination of the two, around October 25, could spark intense thunderstorms in the south central states. While we need some rain in Texas, this particular set-up could create threats for some very bad weather in the last week of October.

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