How strong hurricanes can influence the weather elsewhere.

By now you have probably read that Hurricane Lee over the subtropical Atlantic Ocean has reached Category 5 status. Ultimately, Lee could have steady winds as high as 175 mph before encountering wind shear as it moves into the Sargasso Sea. Now while it is too soon to say if any land areas could be affected by this intense storm, the global models and ensemble members seem to favor a recurve that would cause this system to not make a landfall in North America next week.

But this situation is not cut and dried. You can make an argument for either a close pass or skirmish with Bermuda, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland in a September 14 – 18 time frame. Lee will become entrained in southwest flow aloft during that time, and may help to alter its environment by interacting with the broad trough that will slowly occupy the eastern two-thirds of the continent. This is part of the reason that cooler and drier air may finally break the heat ridge that is making the Southwest and Texas unbearable. Thunderstorms and a cold frontal passage should end the constant hot weather Tuesday and Wednesday for the Lone Star State.

Have a wonderful weekend. if you live in Texas, watch the power usage for another four days before relief arrives!

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